All Boardwalk Puzzles—except Fun Size—are now cut on extra thick premium birch wood. Each title is packed with fun Playful Pieces™ and made from unique, exclusive art. Proudly crafted in the USA.

Enjoy fun new puzzles all year. Gift a puzzle subscription to your friends, family, or yourself. Share good times together as you tackle each puzzle challenge and admire the beauty of your hand-finished wooden puzzles.
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Choose from our growing selection of holiday, travel, folk art, and vibrant animal puzzles. Some of our puzzles are shaped like a butterfly, fish or gecko. All images are carefully curated for their vibrant color, interesting textures, and subject matter.
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323 Piece Wood Jigsaw Puzzle

Angel Fish

Filled with fanciful nymphs, flowers, and hearts, this puzzle has an irregular edge and is cut in the shape of a fish

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