Our puzzles are made for adults, teens, families, and friends. Because they contain small pieces, they are not recommended for children under 3 years. Adult wood jigsaw puzzles have no rules. Everyone can participate. But beware, they can be tricky--creating a challenge for even the most ardent puzzlers 🙂

Playful pieces are specially designed in the shapes of recognizable objects, such as animals, characters, and things. Boardwalk puzzles are loaded with specially designed whimsical pieces. These pieces are designed to match the theme of the puzzle image. Whimsical pieces can be single pieces or made up of multiple interlocking pieces to form an object such as the Neuschwanstein Castle in our Germany puzzle or a woodie with a surfboard on top in our California puzzle. through the puzzle piece. 

Whimsical pieces add to the enchantment and discovery in each of our puzzles. Even our fun size puzzles (25 pcs) contain a number of whimsical pieces. Larger puzzles often contain several dozen whimsical pieces. 

Boardwalk puzzles are made of high-quality Baltic Birch plywood, archival paper, and UV resistant inks. Plywood is used because of its ability to resist warping. Archival paper and quality inks resist fading and create bright images designed to last for generations. 

Boardwalk Puzzles are made to last for generations. However, proper care should be taken when assembling, disassembling, and cleaning your puzzle. Be particularly carefully with whimsical pieces as they tend to be more fragile than the other puzzle pieces because of their detail and sometimes narrow features. Details are often cut entirely through the puzzle piece. 

Cleaning should be done with a slightly damp microfiber rag. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your puzzle. We also recommend using a small amount of LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner to remove marks or smudges from the front of puzzles.

If a piece breaks or the image curls up, you can often make a quick repair with a toothpick and some white Elmer’s glue, wood glue, or super glue. 

White Elmer’s glue is best for repairing curled up edges or delamination of an image. Use a toothpick to evenly distribute a very small amount of glue. Put a heavy book or weight on the repaired surface until the glue dries. 

Super glue and wood glue can both be used to repair broken wood pieces. Super glue usually works best as it cures quickly to repair a broken piece. Wood glue can also be used if you are patient and can properly set the broken piece.