No Missing Pieces Policy

Americana Art Enterprises is known for creating premium jigsaw puzzles. We take pride in creating fun, beautiful art that is perfect for puzzles. We also take great care to ensure each puzzle is complete with all the pieces.

However, there may be a rare occasion where something goes wrong. Equipment might malfunction or human error may result in a missing or damaged piece.

Through years of experience, we have discovered that the vast majority of missing pieces are eventually found by customers. The piece either fell on the floor, wound up in a vacuum bag, was swiped by a pet or slipped under a rug or into the crease of a couch or chair. Please thoroughly inspect your puzzle assembly area for stray pieces. They are probably hiding nearby. One customer found a missing piece in the cuff of his pants.

Also note that the piece count on each box is a close approximation. Different cut patterns have different piece counts. A 500-piece puzzle may actually be 510 pieces. A 1,000-piece puzzle might be 1,004 pieces. Piece counts provide guidelines for the difficulty of the puzzle but are not precise counts of the number of pieces in each title.

Damaged or Missing a Piece?

If after a thorough search you determine your puzzle came without all the pieces, we are happy to provide you with a one-time use gift card code for $20 that can be applied to any item on our website. This code is good for 60 days and can be treated as a cash credit. To receive your electronic gift card, please complete the damaged or missing pieces request form here. This policy applies to mini wooden puzzles, personal puzzles, and traditional puzzles.

Gift cards may be used in conjunction with any active offers on the website. Sales and special discounts are offered periodically.

Why We Don’t Send Replacements

We don’t send bags of replacement pieces for several reasons: 1) Titles are periodically retired and no longer available. 2) Different cut patterns are often used for different runs of the same title, and you may not want to put the same puzzle together twice. 3) Trending titles can be out of stock for a while, and we want to take care of our customers in a timely fashion.

World’s Largest Puzzle and Classic Wooden Puzzles

If you have an issue with What a Wonderful World (world’s largest puzzle) or any of our classic wooden puzzles, email us at:  or call us at 801-785-1123. Please take closeup photos and whole image photos of any issues you may have encountered.


We may change or discontinue this policy at any time. We monitor damaged and missing pieces claims along with returns for abuse and reserve the right to limit claims and credits at all times.

Updated June 2024