Paris City of Lights - 1000 Piece
Paris City of Lights - 1000 Piece
Paris City of Lights - 1000 Piece
Paris City of Lights - 1000 Piece

Paris City of Lights - 1000 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 19¼ x 26 in.

Paris, City of Lights is another example of how Eric loves to take a historical city and show how it keeps its heritage and character of the past while blending in modern-day architecture and culture. This painting comes aglow with modern-day lights on both the neoclassical architecture as well as the skyscrapers in the background. Although home to many museums, art galleries, and historical monuments, the most iconic landmark in Paris is still the Eiffel Tower. At 324 meters high, it is now permanently outfitted with twinkling lights and rotating floodlights, making it visible from miles around.

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Customer Reviews

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Diane McRice
Skip this onr

For the first time ever, I found this puzzle impossible to complete. Too mamy of the sky pieces fit together incorrectly and I finally gave up. Very frustrating and not fun.

Great Challenge

Some of the pieces of the border on the top fit in more than one spot so I had to just build from the bottom and sides in and up. Also, since there are pretty much only 3 colors to the puzzle it makes it that much more challenging.

Kevin White
Very good but no variety of pieces

As with other Dowdle puzzles this one is very good but I do have a couple of criticisms

There is no variety of piece shape - every piece is the same, the classic 'H', I find that it makes the puzzle more interesting to have different ones.

Also, alas, there are no jumping fish in this one!

Challenging & Gorgeous

I bought this as Christmas present for my daughter who had been to Paris that fall. We finally put it together during the stay-at-home orders. It was so challenging with all the similar gold and blue and all the odd shaped pieces and it is so beautiful put together. I think we'll frame it. We did loose one piece though. Can't find it anywhere. I may call for a replacement. Thanks for such beautiful puzzles.

Paris City Of Lights

One of the most challenging I've done. Passed the time during this horrible pandemic.Started 2 weeks ago, finished this 2years to the day that we were in Paris.