Gettysburg - 500 Piece
Gettysburg - 500 Piece
Gettysburg - 500 Piece
Gettysburg - 500 Piece

Gettysburg - 500 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 16 x 20 in.

The Gettysburg National Military Park located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, protects the landscape of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 during the American Civil War. The park has grown more wooded than in 1863 and the National Park Service is working to restore portions of the battlefield to their original non-wooded conditions as well as to replant historic orchards and woodlots that are now missing.

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Customer Reviews

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Edna Fuller

My great-grandmother lived there during the battle and my best friend lived there for many years. As a Pennsylvanian, of course I must do this puzzle, and I did. It is of high Dowdle quality (no-brainer) but also imaginatively conceived, transposing faded images of the soldiers two centuries back with brighter images of today's interested tourists who can't really comprehend that intense moment in America's history.

Debra Bowlin

As always, the Gettysburg Dowdle puzzle was beautiful, challenging, and well made!

Jan Greene
Patriotic and Inspiring

I’m a retired travel agent and have never been to Gettysburg! After doing the puzzle, I’ve got to get to Gettysburg! I love love all the educational info you give on each puzzle that you do.
I went to Mount Rushmore and San Antonio, Texas because I loved those puzzles and was motivated by doing them. Gettysburg is now on my bucket list. Thanks for all you do to make each puzzle so informative!

Jim Beattie
The past combined with the present

I have enjoyed doing many of the Dowdle puzzles, and I believe this is my favorite one.
For me, it wasn't too hard or too easy.
There is one feature that I haven't seen on any other Dowdle puzzle (nor any others): In the background, there is a group taking part in the annual Gettysburg Civil War Battle Reenactment. In the foreground (and scattered around the middle ground), there are contemporary tourists. The really neat part is there are quite a few soldiers who are painted with colors much more muted and semi-transparent. (For example, you can see thru the flags). It took me a little while before I figured out that Eric is using this technique to display figures ("ghosts", if you will) from the actual battle.

Linda Debban

This was a fun puzzle to do with so much history involved. It brought back memories of my several trips there.