Dog Walkers - 500 Piece
Dog Walkers - 500 Piece
Dog Walkers - 500 Piece
Dog Walkers - 500 Piece

Dog Walkers - 500 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 16 x 20 in.

In this delightful painting about dog lovers and their owners, often referred to as "man's best friend" , dogs are a part of our lives. You'll find them just about everywhere—parks, cities, farms, and small purses. We love dogs because of their unconditional love for us, their ability to reassure us in troubled times, and because they could, at any moment, choose to bite our knee caps off—but they don't. No, instead, they play with us, protect us, and lower our stress levels. Dog Walkers features many different dogs, and their ,walkers or owners, strolling through New York's Central Park. If you're a dog lover this one's for you!

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Customer Reviews

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Theresa Juarez
Dog Walkers

Loved this puzzle. So beautiful and so much fun!

James Larive
Dog Walkers, 500 pieces


Delightful walk in the park

One of my favorite Dowdles. But I really have a lot of very-most-favorites! I will loan them out but certainly can't give any of the 65 away!

Very fun puzzle

This was the first Dowdle puzzle my husband and I put together, and it truly made us fall in love with his puzzles! Not only are his puzzles beautiful and fun, but the boxes are lovely, and they look really nice on our bookshelves. My husband and I are huge dog lovers, which made this puzzle really fun and had us really enjoying ourselves as we put it together. I definitely recommend this puzzle if you are looking for something not too challenging but a lot of fun. We also kept this puzzle so we can do it again after we passed it around to our family and friends!

Michelle Rothwell
Dog Gone Good!

My husband and I were obsessed with this one and couldn't stop until it was done. We enjoyed the different breeds that were included and the various types of owners. This one went on our shelf for a future puzzling time.