Recall Information

Important Customer Notification

Dear Americana Art Enterprise Customer,

Our records indicate that you have purchased [product name] (Item #xxxxxx) at Costco between [start date] and [end date].

We recently noticed a defect in [describe defect]

[Describe impact]

To verify if your product has been impacted, refer to the chart of impacted lot codes. The lot code can be found on the box, as indicated in the image(s) below.

[image(s) with list of impacted lot codes]

If the lot code on your item is included in the above list, please reach out to our customer care team via phone at 1-801-785-1123 or our dedicated site for this issue at After providing a photo of your box its lot code our Americana Art Enterprises Team will provide you with either a refund or replacement.

Please call Americana Art Enteprises at 1-801-785-1123 or visit if you have any issues or concerns.

Thank you,

Americana Art Enterprises