The Costco Treasure Hunt

Experience Costco as you never have before with this one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle from Dowdle Puzzles!

Every Costco location is full of surprises, and this exciting new puzzle is no exception. Explore the towering isles of this world-famous marketplace and see how many hidden details and Kirkland Signature favorites you can find. From the food court to the pharmacy, and every mouthwatering sample in between, it’s all here.

Dowdle has been part of the Costco family since 2009, so when we were asked to create this unique Costco-themed puzzle the answer was an emphatic “Yes!” Relive your best day at a Costco warehouse as you pile up some chicken, a supersized tv, or your favorite snacks.

Available in 500 or 1000 pieces.


See if you can find some of the fun easter eggs in the Costco puzzle.