Picture Perfect Puzzles

Picture Perfect Puzzles


Picture Perfect Puzzles

Collectable, displayable, and so much fun! Picture Perfect Puzzles are just the right size to showcase all of your favorite Dowdle images. Puzzle picture frames provide an easy way to share your puzzles and present your hobby, making it easy to put your masterpieces on display. Hand crafted right here in our Dowdle Workshop, these mini wooden puzzles, which include a perfect-fit-frame and easel, make an enjoyable gift for any occasion or just to enjoy for yourself.

What better reward could you give yourself for completing a puzzle than the ability to display it? Whether you’re looking for a puzzle frame to showcase in your home or you’re wanting a way to dress up your office and show off your hobby, our Picture Perfect Puzzles are the best way to display your finished, jigsaw puzzle masterpieces.

We offer a wide array of Picture Perfect Puzzle options and pride ourselves on satisfying a variety of individual preferences and hobbies. Whether you’re looking for a jigsaw puzzle frame to commemorate your recent travels or you’re on the hunt for a way to showcase your favorite football team, we have plenty of options to choose from!

What is a picture-perfect jigsaw puzzle?

A picture-perfect puzzle is just the right size for displaying in your home or office. Whether you choose a 60- or 150-piece count puzzle from our picture-perfect puzzle collection, we make it easy to display your masterpiece. Each picture-perfect puzzle is handcrafted in the Dowdle workshop and is collectible, displayable, and so much fun to assemble. Each mini puzzle in the collection comes with a frame and easel for displaying in the location of your choice. The frames and easels are sturdy and nicely display your finished puzzle. There are more than 300 photo puzzles with frames available in the collection.

What makes Dowdle picture-perfect jigsaw puzzles so special?

Dowdle picture-perfect jigsaw puzzles are handcrafted with love and care by folk artist Eric Dowdle. Our wooden puzzles are storytelling art, each one accompanied by a detailed story legend to help you connect with the puzzle. These one-of-a-kind wooden puzzles make an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates folk art. Interested in one of our photo puzzles with a frame but wish to make it a bit more personal? Consider one of our custom image wooden puzzles. Cherish your memories in a fun and unique way by turning them into a wooden jigsaw puzzle. Wedding photos, family portraits, or pictures of your beloved pets are transformed into a 16 x 20-inch wooden puzzle.

Do all picture-perfect jigsaw puzzles come with a frame & easel?

Yes. All our picture-perfect jigsaw puzzles come with a frame and easel designed to fit and support your finished puzzle. Each frame is flawlessly suited to the puzzle it is meant to display. Now, you can share the personality and charm embodied in all Dowdle picture-perfect jigsaw puzzles without worrying whether your puzzle will remain safe and secure while on display. Gently place your finished puzzle in the provided frame and then mount it securely on the easel.

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