Intermediate Puzzles

Intermediate Puzzles

Intermediate Puzzles

If you are looking for a puzzle to keep your mind busy, Dowdle is the place for you. With a range of mesmerizing 2D and 3D puzzles, we have the perfect options for intermediate puzzlers looking for a fun challenge. By creating beginner, intermediate and advanced puzzles from his well-renowned artwork, Eric Dowdle has revolutionized the industry and excited collectors and puzzles enthusiasts alike. 


What is considered an “intermediate puzzle”?

After completing a few beginner puzzles, it may be time to level up on your puzzling skills with an intermediate jigsaw puzzle. We consider our 500 piece traditional and wooden puzzles the perfect mid-level puzzles — combining fun images and colors with enough pieces for a challenge. 

Why are Dowdle’s intermediate jigsaw puzzles considered the best medium-difficulty jigsaw puzzle to complete?

Eric Dowdle brings a whole new level of captivation and fun to jigsaw puzzles. Exhibiting bright colors and various intricate scenes, our medium-difficulty jigsaw puzzles are as addictive as they are challenging without being too difficult that puzzlers are put off by the task at hand.

How many pieces do intermediate jigsaw puzzles come in?

Our intermediate puzzles come in 500 pieces — the perfect amount to test your mind and keep you entertained. 

What’s the best method for completing an intermediate jigsaw puzzle?

A 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is small enough to be fully spread out on a table, so the first step is to find a flat surface. Once you have unpacked your puzzle, a popular strategy is to join the border pieces as the straight edges and corner pieces are easier to find. The next step is to gather similar pieces based on color or texture and group them together. Once you have your pieces organized, it’s time to work on the inside by adding one piece at a time while using the image on the puzzle box as a handy reference.

How long should an intermediate puzzle take to complete?

A medium-difficulty jigsaw puzzle with 500 pieces can take up to 6 hours to finish. After completing a couple intermediate puzzles, you’ll be rearing to challenge yourself with a puzzle from our advanced puzzle collection.