Custom Image Wooden Puzzles

Custom Image Wooden Puzzles

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Our memories are one of those things that we cherish more than anything else. To help you hold on to those great family memories for years to come, we introduce our new Custom Image Wooden Puzzles. For years, we have turned the art of Eric Dowdle into puzzles for you and your loved ones to enjoy. A few years ago, the option for you to personalize any of our puzzles was added through our Be Part of the Art customizations. Now you have the opportunity to take a personal portrait and turn it into a personalized jigsaw puzzle sure to be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Custom Image Wooden Puzzles from Dowdle are a great way to keep your special moments alive for years to come! Be it a wedding photo, a beloved family portrait, a photo of a new baby or a picture of your favorite family pet, consider transforming it into a custom jigsaw puzzle. Looking for the perfect gift for a good friend? Take one of your photos and use it to create a memorable gift that is sure to impress. These make perfect gifts for any occasion, be it a wedding, anniversary or birthday.

Our custom jigsaw puzzles are made with high-quality materials. They’re durable and made to be put together and taken apart time and again. These custom jigsaw puzzles are made to last! Whether you put it together once to display in your home or it becomes a family tradition to frequently revisit putting together your custom jigsaw puzzles, you’ll find that these custom puzzles can provide hours of memories for you and your loved ones. Keep it at home, store it at your family cabin, or bring it with you on family vacations to make it a family tradition.

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(Please allow 2-6 weeks for production and shipping.)

What is a custom image jigsaw puzzle?

A custom image jigsaw puzzle provides the opportunity to have your favorite image turned into an amazing Dowdle custom picture puzzle. Our custom puzzles are handcrafted using the same care and technique as all our wooden puzzles for kids and adults. Now, instead of ordering one of our traditional puzzles that features original folk art from Eric Dowdle, you can customize your puzzle to help capture your own special memories. Our custom photo puzzle maker service uses customer-submitted photos and turns them into high-quality custom photo puzzles. Each of these puzzles is part of our picture-perfect puzzle line and is 16 x 20-inches in dimension. Keep your creation safe and secure with a frame and easel for displaying it in your home and office.

Do I require specific photo dimensions for my custom jigsaw puzzle?

We want to ensure your custom photo puzzle is top quality. Since we reproduce the image for your puzzle based on the photograph you submit during the ordering process, we have some requirements for photo dimensions. The most important thing you can do is check the pixels (also known as resolution) for any digital photo you plan to submit.

To check the resolution of a digital photo on a Windows device, right-click on the file and select “Properties.” Then look under the “Details” section and you will see a listing for pixels. On a Mac operating system, right-click on your file and select “Get Info.” Recommended image resolution for our custom photo puzzle maker is at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI). If you are unsure if an image is suitable for our custom jigsaw puzzles, please consult with us before placing an order.

What makes Dowdle custom image wooden jigsaw puzzles so special?

When you order a custom image wooden jigsaw puzzle from Dowdle, you can rest assured it will be top quality. Whether you want a picture-perfect puzzle that comes complete with a frame and easel for display or one of our traditional puzzles, we can produce a one-of-a-kind keepsake for you. A Dowdle custom picture puzzle also makes a thoughtful gift.

What’s the difference between custom image wooden puzzles and custom image picture-perfect puzzles?

There is no difference in quality when it comes to a custom image wooden puzzle and a custom image picture perfect puzzle. Both feature a high-quality giclee print of your favorite photo on wood that is cut into puzzle pieces using a precision laser. Custom image wooden puzzles come in a collectible Dowdle cardboard box, and custom image picture-perfect puzzles are produced in the exact same way. The only difference is they come with a frame and easel so you can display your puzzle once it is completely assembled.

What does “photo retouching” include in the custom jigsaw puzzle purchase?

Capturing yourself or your loved ones in a moment in time as part of a custom photo puzzle is priceless. If you plan to display your picture-perfect puzzle in a frame or easel, you may want to consider touching things up a bit to help boost everyone’s confidence. No one wants to be prominently displayed with a huge pimple on their forehead. We have a solution for that problem as part of our custom puzzle maker services.

Photo retouching services are offered with all our custom jigsaw puzzles. For an additional fee of $25, we will clean up your photo (and everyone in it) so they look flawless. We remove ruddy complexions, blemishes, and scars. Retouching a submitted photograph for use in one of our custom picture puzzles can include other localized adjustments to ensure the photo translates well into a custom wooden puzzle. The alterations can include sharpening certain features to make the image clearer or less blurry.

What are the “specialized die-cuts” within the custom jigsaw puzzle?

The specialized die cuts within our custom jigsaw puzzles help ensure the pieces fit together seamlessly. This means unique puzzle pieces are cut around people, animals, and other important objects in the puzzle. We offer customers specialized die cuts when they order a custom photo puzzle from Dowdle. You can select from the following when placing your order:

Up to 10 die cuts for $100
Up to 15 die cuts for $150
Up to 20 die cuts for $200
Up to 25 die cuts for $250
Up to 30 die cuts for $300