Beginner Puzzles

Beginner Puzzles

Beginner Puzzles

Putting a puzzle together is a fantastic way to have fun and a bit of a digital detox. The best part is, it’s never too late to add puzzles to your list of hobbies. No matter your age, puzzling is a great de-stressor, and most importantly fun. Yes, really!

For those starting out, we stock a wide range of beginner puzzles adorned in Eric Dowdle's mesmerizing artwork. Eric has innovated the way people enjoy his artwork by translating his incredible use of color and imagination into puzzle form.


What is considered a “beginner puzzle”?

The best beginner jigsaw puzzles are those that are not too overwhelming. For children, we recommend first starting with our traditional 100 piece puzzles and for adults, our traditional 300 piece puzzles or 300 piece wooden puzzles are perfect for first-time puzzlers.

Why are Dowdle puzzles considered the best jigsaw puzzles for beginners to complete?

Full of bright colors and detailed scenes, Dowdle jigsaw puzzles are captivating without being too challenging for beginners. In addition to their beautiful designs, our wooden jigsaw puzzles are a favorite among young children because the pieces are large, sturdy, and easy to manipulate. 

How many pieces do beginner jigsaw puzzles come in?

We consider our puzzles with 300 pieces and less perfect for beginners.

What’s the best method for completing a beginner puzzle?

Before attempting to tackle your easy jigsaw puzzle, find a flat and spacious surface. Next, open your puzzle box and unpack all the edge and corners pieces, piecing them together until you have completed a border. Flipping the pieces picture-side up, sort out the rest of the puzzle. Get well-acquainted with the image on your puzzle box, and then start grouping similarly colored pieces together. The next step is to simply begin — start joining similar pieces, working to attach pieces from the border inwards. Keep at it until you have completed your puzzle! Remember, taking a break can be a useful way to reset.

How long should a beginner puzzle take to complete?

Completing a 300 piece beginner puzzle alone can take up to three hours. Puzzling in a group, however, will shorten this time. Once you have mastered the 300 piece puzzles, try our intermediate and advanced puzzle options.