Advanced Puzzles

Advanced Puzzles

Advanced Puzzles

It is rare to come across an advanced jigsaw puzzle for adults that is both challenging and enchanting. Eric Dowdle has reshaped the puzzle industry by transforming his world-class artwork into breathtaking puzzles. At Dowdle, we stock a collection of 2D and 3D puzzles in exciting prints and colors for beginner, intermediate and advanced puzzlers. Explore the complete range for your favorite way to unwind. 


What is considered an “advanced puzzle”?

Once you have completed a couple of 300 and 500 piece puzzles, it may be time to challenge yourself with an advanced 1000 piece Dowdle jigsaw puzzle. 
Why are Dowdle advanced puzzles considered the best advanced puzzles for adults?

Pondering over 1000 beautifully bright and eccentric pieces makes Dowdle’s puzzles the best hard jigsaw puzzles for adults. From cities to national parks, sports, military, and holiday scenes, you’ll be captivated and tested by a work of art from our range of advanced puzzles. 

How many pieces do advanced puzzles come in?

Advanced jigsaw puzzles for adults usually contain 1000 pieces or more. 

What’s the best method for completing an advanced puzzle?

Completing a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces can be tough but, in our experience, having a strategy can help you finish like a seasoned puzzler. Begin by unpacking your puzzle onto a large, flat surface — making sure you place the pieces image-side up. Pinpoint and connect the corner pieces with the edge pieces until you have created a border. The next step is to organize pieces with similar colors or textures into groups. This should make things easier for you to begin piecing together the rest of your puzzle. 

How long should an advanced puzzle take to complete?

A hard jigsaw puzzle for adults with 1000 pieces can take up to 10 hours to complete on your own. Puzzling in groups will speed up the process and make for a fun, social activity.