Planting Trees

Boardwalk Puzzles Conservation

We Are Tree People

We love trees and we love things made of wood. As you know, Boardwalk puzzles are crafted from Baltic Birch wood, a renewable natural resource. With every Boardwalk Puzzle sold, we are proud to contribute financially to the reforestation of our planet and the beautification and protection of urban areas. It is estimated that we need to plant three billion trees in order to reverse global warming. Your Boardwalk Puzzle purchase helps in this effort, one tree at a time. 

Why Are Trees So Important?

Trees not only make beautiful puzzles, they also do some remarkable things to combat climate change. They absorb CO2, removing carbon from the air and releasing oxygen. They help filter the air we breathe by absorbing odors and pollutant gasses such as nitrogen, oxides, and ozone. They help purify our water. They help reduce erosion. And they help to cool the planet. Who doesn’t enjoy a little shade on a hot sunny day. 

These are only a few of the ways trees help combat climate change.This is why we are committed to helping plant hundreds, thousands, and hopefully someday millions of trees.

Thank you for supporting Boardwalk Puzzles and in turn helping to plant more beautiful trees