Boardwalk Puzzles™ is named for the iconic places Americans gather for a relaxing day of fun. Savoring a Chicago Dog along the Navy Pier, riding the eccentric Wonder Wheel at Coney Island, and watching the sunset along the beautiful Santa Monica Pier all invite an escape from the everyday.


Boardwalk Puzzles provides an escape from a highly digitized world to a place you can relax, slow down, and spend time with friends and family. Like a century-old boardwalk, our carefully designed and precisely cut wood puzzles are not only beautifully crafted but also built to last. 

Inspired Craftsmanship

Inspired by the craftsmanship of hand-cut jigsaw puzzles, Boardwalk puzzles are designed using traditional patterns, piece sizes, nubs, and double nubs to ensure each one locks together. We also hand sand, wax, and polish each puzzle before it's inspected and boxed for shipping. 


Boardwalk is synonymous with fun. You’ll discover a lot of custom-designed, playful pieces--shaped like animals, birds, flowers, and recognizable objects in each of our puzzles. For example, you might find a scuba diver, beach umbrella, pair of flip flops, clown fish, and many more hidden treasures in a beach-themed puzzle.


Working with quality wood and traditional designs as well as modern printing and laser technology, Boardwalk combines the best of yesterday with the promise of tomorrow.

How Boardwalk Puzzles got started

Boardwalk was co-founded by three close friends--passionate about art, design, and puzzles. These tech- and design-focused friends discovered the fun of putting together hand-cut wood puzzles. They found it to be therapeutic--a great way to disconnect from technology, spend meaningful time together and have great conversations. There is something about the feel of silky smooth pieces tumbling in your hand and the satisfaction of finding the exact spot where each piece locks in place.   


The challenge they quickly discovered is that hand-cut wood puzzles are very expensive. Most hand-cut puzzles cost $3 to $4 per piece--making the cost of a big puzzle $1,500 or more. 


Knowing the cost would prohibit most people from enjoying wood puzzles, the friends founded Boardwalk Puzzles to marry the best elements of traditional hand-cut puzzles with modern technology.  


By using precision lasers, Boardwalk is able to produce high-quality wood puzzles for about one-tenth the cost of most hand-cut puzzles.  

How Boardwalk is different

There are three things that set Boardwalk Puzzles apart from other laser-cut wood puzzle companies.


First, is the amount of time and care that goes into each puzzle cut design. Boardwalk designs are inspired by artists who have been hand-cutting wood puzzles for decades. Great care is taken to determine optimal and consistent piece size, interlocking nubs and double nubs, and carefully curated playful pieces themed to each design. Each puzzle is packed with fun, clever playful pieces. 


Second, is the careful selection of art. Knowing what images people like and what works well in puzzles is critical. Boardwalk is very picky in the art it uses and is only slowly building out it’s product offering to ensure each puzzle is a delightful experience.


Third, Boardwalk hand finishes each puzzle. Every piece is sanded, waxed, polished and inspected before being carefully tucked into  a beautiful, custom-designed box. 


These details make Boardwalk Puzzles the best laser-cut wooden puzzles you can buy. And, every Boardwalk Puzzle is made start to finish in the United States of America.